Aurora Museums & History

Aurora Museums & HistoryAurora's stunning natural beauty is augmented by its equally compelling history. The area's development and evolution owes as much to the advancement of commerce as it does to the vision and foresight of the individuals who made it all happen. Learn more about their stories and the unique perspectives and contributions they brought to the area when you visit these excellent museums and historic places in Aurora.

Aurora History Museum
Look beyond the surface of things in Aurora and dig a little deeper when you visit the Aurora History Museum. This is a community-based cultural center that features changing history and decorative arts exhibits that are designed to educate and inform visitors of all ages. The facility is part of the Cultural Services Division of the City of Aurora. Perhaps the signature exhibit is the one that traces the history of Aurora from the Gold Rush to the present day. The goal of this museum is to educate citizens by using local history programs.

Address: 15051 East Alameda Drive, Aurora, CO 80012 - MAP
Phone: (303) 739-6666

William Smith House
William Smith was an Aurora pioneer who went from raising sheep on his humble property to eventually founding Aurora's Public Schools and donating the land for Del Mar Park. See where this prominent Aurora figure lived by visiting the William Smith House that was built in 1910 and named a landmark in 1986. The home remained in the family until 1983 when Smith's daughter Margaret, passed away. The house is now a privately owned residence, but you can still stroll by and snap photos from the sidewalk.

Address: 412 Oswego Ct, Aurora, CO - MAP

Melvin School
Get a feel of what it was like to attend class in a two-room schoolhouse when you visit Aurora's Melvin School. The structure, built in 1922 and named a landmark in 1986, originally served the outlying community of Melvin. In 1949, the structure was carefully moved to make room for the Cherry Creek Reservoir. After being used as a tavern for 17 years, the Cherry Creek Historical Society moved the school to its current location on the grounds of Smoky Hill High School where it continues to be owned and maintained by the Cherry Hill School District.

Address: 4950 South Laredo Street, Aurora, CO - MAP

Red Cross Building and Memorial 525
Aurora's Red Cross Building and Memorial 525 connects some of the nation's most historic events to the ever-important field of health care and medicine. Fitzsimons General Hospital was originally U.S. Army General Hospital No. 21 and was established in 1918 just as World War I was ending. It had grown through the 1920s and 1930s as it served soldiers returning from World War II and Korea. The post was deactivated in 1996 but stands as a reminder of history and the sacrifices of all who have come through its doors. There is also a dramatic beehive-shaped river rock memorial constructed after World War I to remember those we lost.

Address: 12862 East Montview Road, Aurora, CO - MAP

DeLaney Farm Historic District
Take a walk through the passageways and dirt roads that make up the DeLaney Farm Historic District to get an idea of how significant the tradition of farming has been throughout our nation's history. Although this parcel of land was named a landmark in 1997, you will feel like you've gone back several years when you see the meticulously restored buildings on the farm, including Gully Homestead House. This farm was originally home of the DeLaney family who raised horses, dairy cattle and other livestock.

Address: DeLaney Historic Farm District, Aurora, CO - MAP